Jon-Michael Frank’s comics about life’s fundamental difficulties are very funny, very dark, and extremely great. If you are a human, or even if you’re not, HOW’S EVERYTHING GOING? NOT GOOD is the only book you’ll ever need. 

Limited Ed. 500 copies. 96-page, color paperback. SOLD OUT



BOOK. Full Color. Third printing.

work from 2015-2017
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Here it is My Beautiful Fucking Heart is a chapbook of poetic comics by Jon-Michael Frank released by El Aleph Press. They feature full color images of Jon-Michael's imaginatively dark and humorous pieces in a hand-bound volume with a letterpressed cover. SOLD OUT.

PRESS: Publishing Pain: The Board Game, a poetry collection by Brooklyn-based poet Sampson Starkweather arriving this week in bookstores, should have been a routine matter for Third Man Books. But it wasn't. Just before the local printer who handled all of their previous projects was to press the book, TMB chief Chet Weise got a call from the printer's representative. While the rep didn't have an issue with the book, someone in the review process found Jon-Michael Frank's illustrations for the first part of the book objectionable. Read More here.

ZINE. Full Color. Fifth printing.
29 Images. 
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Jon-Michael Frank's poems are fantastically forlorn, seductively solitary. The essence of Nostalgia Flower is one of wilting and Frank finds endless awe in that kind of abandonment. Like a rainbow above a graveyard, there is something reckless within memory and through these poems that spirit is exposed as something much more fragile, something we can hold in our hands deciding whether or not to toss out. Similar to the memories that never make way out of your chest, we know Nostalgia Flower is a grimoire you will hold on to forever.

100 copies. Handmade & Hardback. Cover photo by Logan White. Poetry & art. 35 pgs.



“Jon-Michael Frank’s twisted take on life will make you laugh, then cry, then do one of those laugh-cry hybrids that really freaks everyone out.”

– Colin Nissan, humor writer for The New Yorker and author of the McSweeney’s Internet sensation “It’s Decorative Gourd Season.”

“I feel therefore I die, I think therefore I suck. Somehow, I was born in this book.”

– Sommer Browning, author of Backup Singers

The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said "Life is Pain." Poet Sampson Starkweather says PAIN: The Board Game. Third Man Books’ fourth title has, evidently, caused pain in a few lives already: four printing presses in Nashville, Tennessee, refused the book due to "objectionable content” (in 2015?!?). PAIN: The Board Game is 160 pages of poetry, 15 full color illustrations by Jon-Michael Frank, and the first book of poetry that is both page-turning-analog and online interactive.